As we often find in life, in materials engineering, there is a point of no return. Known as the ‘yield point’, it’s reached when a material is stressed so much that it begins to deform and cannot return to its previous shape or state.

In the stunning “Stretch” table, Rogier explores this wild frontier of science and art, creating an apparently impossible but entirely practical table that sits at the limits of strength and rigidity. 

The result is a stunning piece of furniture that stretches the imagination and challenges our concepts of normality. 

Constructed from specially-developed composite materials, the “Stretch” table delivers the implausible – a very strong, rigid surface that holds perfectly level and true even under load, despite the extreme expanse of space between the supporting legs. 

As its construction is more precise than many floors, “Stretch” is given adjustable legs to ensure accurate leveling on any earthly surface, where it will solidly stand - a shining testament to the impossible made real.