Stretch Table
  • Stretch Table

    In the stunning “Stretch” table, Rogier explores this wild frontier of science and art, creating an apparently impossible but entirely practical table that sits effortlessly at the limits of strength and rigidity.


    Constructed from specially-developed composite materials, the “Stretch” table delivers the implausible - a very strong, rigid surface that holds perfectly level and true even under load, despite the extreme expanse of space between the supporting legs.


    The Stretch table is lacquered in a high gloss yellow, a very specific colour developed by Rogier himself. The surface is then highly polished however it will age and patina gradually to show the marks of time. We offer a worldwide polishing service to ensure your table is keeping its pristine appearance over decades.

    • Specifications

      1 AP (as shown), edition of 8

      Dimensions:  300 X 75 X 100 cm

    18.000,00 €Price
    Tax Included