Pierced Table

Pierced Table

With the “Pierced” table, Vancamelbecke sets out to literally cut through our preconceptions of what a table is and how it is constructed.


The sculptural profile of the piece is inspired by the front air inlet of a 1960s racing car – a visual reference to the time Rogier spent working with vintage cars and his strong attraction to one of the most creative and glamorous periods of the 20th century. The table’s shape is defined equally by what is not there as it is by its strong structural expression.


Made of wood and aluminium, each individually numbered table receives multiple coatings of vivid colour. Finally, the table is highly polished to achieve a perfect mirror finish however it will age and patina gradually to show the marks of time. We offer a worldwide polishing service to ensure your table is keeping its pristine appearance over decades.

  • Specifications

    Edition of 8

    Dimensions: 44 X 40 X 90 cm

9.500,00 €Price
Tax Included