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Updated: Feb 19, 2022

Born in 1980, Rogier Vancamelbecke is a multitalented industrial designer and artist working in Hainaut—a rough and obstinate region where the industrial and rural past linger on. This heritage does not forgive cheap gimmicks or half-way solutions, as it challenges every creative to work rigorously, robustly, and exercise authentic craft. Rogier stands out from the crowd due to his versatility as both a designer and an engineer. His signature approach consists in the blend of technology and craftsmanship that shapes timeless objects speaking a distinctive design language—in the present, but, because of their rigorous design, also for generations to come.

In 2007, Rogier started his own studio where most of his work is still being produced. Until now, his studio did double time as a popular exhibition space where he welcomed art lovers, colleagues, and customers. Due to the growing number of projects, Rogier's studio gradually became too small to maintain this dual functionality. It was time for a bold next step.

Some of Rogier’s design belongs not in shop but in galleries. In Belgium, this means that Knokke-le-Zoute is the obvious place to be—the place where Rogier’s unique design aesthetic would find the audiences interested in learning his singular artistic language.

"I had been looking for the right partner for a long time, someone who appreciates my work’s uniqueness, its finesse and the exceptional combination of technology and craftsmanship," Rogier notes.

A visit to Rogier’ studio by gallerist and artist Marc Dedrie and his son Francis in the Spring of 2021 got things moving. Shortly before the opening of their third gallery in Knokke, they found there the quality work to expand their collection.

There was an immediate match. Rogier always feels best among fellow creatives and makers, as they speak the same language. As an artist himself, Marc recognized Rogier’s drive and passion. Marc’s commitment to work that is driven by an unstoppable compulsion to create, both in his own artistic practice and his galleries, made this an ideal match.

The partnership between Rogier and the Early Birds Art Gallery in Knokke-le-Zoute, the former gallery where Guy Pieters started his career and where some of Rogier’s work will be permanently on display, forges a deep connection between Hainaut and Knokke.

It is not the first time that Rogier Vancamelbecke’s work can be seen in Knokke. His well known bespoke ginbar "Outside the box" that he designed for Filliers was present at several editions of the famous Zoute rally.

If you find yourself near Knokke-le-Zoute this summer, feel free to take a look and indulge in the wonderful world of the Early Birds Art Gallery.

Zeedijk-Het Zoute 742, 8300 Knokke-Heist

Most work of Rogier Vancamelbecke can also be seen on our new website.

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