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Glamour and romance are not the first feelings that spring to mind when we think of cars these days. The demands of lean manufacturing and fuel efficiency, aerodynamics, weight reduction and impact zones have conspired to produce a uniform generation of cars that has never been more efficient -  or less romantic. 

Rogier’s “MK2” floor lamp evokes a different age, a time when iconic cars like the Jaguar MK2 ruled the road. Immortalised as the fast sports salon of choice for the intrepid detectives of Scotland yard, both real and fictional, this was the car that villains dreaded to see closing on them fast in their rear view mirrors. 

The late, great, gentleman racing driver, Sir Stirling Moss, was a life-long fan of Jaguars and doubtless would have approved of the new lease of life Rogier has given to a genuine engine component of one of the fastest road cars of its day. 

Each hand-crafted lamp is a unique, limited edition of one, signed by the artist.


The up-cycled air-box may be silent now, but it continues to light up romantic stories of motoring’s glory days.

MK2 LAMP_002.jpg
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