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Great chefs take pride in their tools. Knives are cherished. Implements of all kinds are carefully arranged, given an allotted place so they are always at hand when the magic needs to happen. 

Having spent many years working on race cars in workshops and at racetracks, designer Rogier Vancamelbecke  has made the immaculate arrangement of  tools  and precise ergonomic planning his second nature.

In designing the Cuisine Deluxe kitchen, Vancamelbecke drew deeply on that experience and on his work with iconic British sports car manufacturer Morgan Motors. Morgan’s eccentric but uncompromisingly effective combination of wood, steel and aluminum to create cars with perfectly balanced durability and beauty sets the standard for this kitchen. 

As any cook knows, prime ingredients are key. Placing sustainability, robustness and simplicity at the heart of the design, Vancamelbecke shunned the use of chipboard, plastic materials, and factory produced modules, creating instead a unique, hand-made workplace crafted from fully sustainable and recyclable materials – steel, aluminum, birch plywood. For the work surface, Vancamelbecke used otherwise burnt rubber wood, produced from old rubber trees that have served their time.


Each cabinet is made to measure from steel and laser cut with a parametric CAD modeler. Cabinets are TIG welded by hand, and completed with steel doors, which are sanded and powder coated in a bespoke range of available colours. The drawers and shelves meet the same high standards of robustness and simplicity, with each element hand-crafted from high-quality birch wood ply produced from fully-sustainable sources. 

With his fanatical attention to detail, Vancamelbecke ensures that the tactile experience of the kitchen is equal to its elegant visual appeal. Soft-closing drawers and doors are created using highly durable mechanisms sourced from top quality industrial sources; even the door and drawer handles are hand-crafted in a choice of aluminum or brass.


The result is a kitchen that, like its soul mate, the peerless Aga stove, will constitute the warm, dependable, and continuously appealing heart of the home for generations.

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