For centuries, the power of the church reigned unchallenged in Europe. Even mighty Kings and Queens bowed before it. 


Rival denominations rose and fell, but for generations, in every village and town, attendance at the local church every Sunday was mandatory, with eternal damnation the penalty for absence.


Vast cathedrals stretched heavenwards; shock and awe written in stone, wood and glass. The master masons, carpenters and other artisans who created them were the elite craftsmen of their time. Some spent their entire lives working on a single, eternal building site. Only the finest materials were blessed by God’s appointed architects. And the rich were happy to pay for them, in hope of forgiveness for worldly sins.


Far below soaring, vaulted roofs, the common people were given the narrowest of hardwood pews on which to perch uncomfortably when not standing or kneeling in submission and prayer. Comfort was considered a distraction from the divine. 


“Born Again”, a serene, “upcycled” bench, is created in antique beech wood salvaged from a now disused church, offering comfort to the eyes as well peace for body and soul – a perfect sanctuary for the contemplation of the past and the future of the divine.