About Rogier Vancamelbecke

Self-taught industrial designer, Rogier Vancamelbecke is a highly versatile and skilled practitioner. Born in 1980 in Aalst, he studied Latin, Maths and Science and spent six years on the side at the Royal Academy of Art in Belgium indulging his passions for both art and architecture. He then aspired to be a motor-racing engineer and applied himself with characteristic tenacity and success. He first gained a bachelor’s degree in automotive engineering in Belgium in 2001, and then left for England to start a career in motorsport. Living as a nomad and fuelled by his passion for the sport he worked across the spectrum of the world’s most famous GT cars. Focused on better understanding the art and practice of car design he explored a full century of racing cars from pre-war Le Mans Bentleys up to contemporary F1 cars.

Rogier Vancamelbecke’s approach to design in any setting is from the bottom-up, applying fundamental principles of simplicity and elegance. He rapidly familiarized himself with the wealth of practical skills and knowledge that the British race-car industry had to offer: knowledge he now applies to designing and manufacturing his furniture.

In 2007 he made his first piece, an armchair named “Hang-on, Bauhaus Special” which was inspired by the Bauhaus movement. Given a drawing board Rogier Vancamelbecke needed a stool to go with it. Refusing to buy any commercial furniture, Papillon was created. Several unique pieces and limited edition designs followed. Leaving the motorsport scene in 2008 in search of a new challenge he joined Evo-Electric where he worked in a small team of engineers developing electric motors to power tomorrow’s hybrid and electric cars. In 2012 Rogier Vancamelbecke returned to Belgium to start work as a consultant for the aerospace industry.

Today Rogier Vancamelbecke works from his design studio near Brussels - an old industrial hangar which he bought in 2004 and converted into his workplace - providing a showcase for his talents as both a designer and interior architect. Every Vancamelbecke original starts its journey there: from the inception of the design concept through to the careful finishing of each piece. Currently working on his new dining chair Aerofolly, Rogier Vancamelbecke has built a worldwide customer base. This ‘Homo Universalis’ strives to create unique furniture which combines durability and beauty, craftsmanship and high-tech, engineering and art.


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