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Rogier’s education and eclectic career reflect the range and depth of his diverse passions.


Beginning his studies with Mathematics and Latin, he then explored his growing interest in art and architecture, spending several years at the Royal Academy of Art in Brussels, Belgium. 


The engineer’s brain dominated the next phase of his life and work. He completed a bachelor’s degree in Automotive Engineering and then plunged into a hectic period in the highly challenging arena of International Motorsport. 


Fascinated by how the cutting edge of engineering welded with aerodynamics, design and art at the racetrack, his skills were sought by top teams ranging from vintage Bentleys to international GT racing and Formula One. 


In 2007, Rogier embarked on the next phase of his career, applying those balanced themes of engineering, functionality, craftsmanship and art to furniture design and production.


After returning to Belgium to act as a consultant in the aerospace industry, he established a dedicated design studio and workshop in his home country, where he is now based.

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