About Rogier Vancamelbecke

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Some people are gifted the brain of a scientist. For them, excellence in engineering makes music.

A few are blessed with the heart of a craftsman; they feel and impart beauty through sensitive hands. They live to create beautiful, practical objects.

Then there are those born with the soul of an artist, with the rare ability to see and describe different perspectives of the universe.

Rogier Vancamelbecke uniquely combines all three aspects in one driven, inspired personality.

Drawing on all his passions and wide-ranging experience, Rogier designs and produces unique pieces of hand-made furniture, exceptional living-space interiors, industrial materials and other objects.

Design & Creation 
Rogier Vancamelbecke


Rue d’Ainières 14
7910 Arc-Ainières


+32 475 47 70 98

SCS Rogier Vancamelbecke
Ondernemingsnummer / VAT:
BE 0840.004.558